Attractive Door Hangings To Beautify Your Home

Door hangings have been an integral part of the Indian culture. Referred to as Bandanwar in Hinduism, mango leaves and marigold flowers are used to decorate the door during weddings, festivals, or any other celebrations. However, the other decorative properties of the toran vary depending on the region.  This is said to be a method to please and attract goddess Lakshmi into the house. The Indian culture compares guests to the almighty. Thus, using Torans is also a symbol of welcoming the guests.

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The ancient culture states that the door works as an intermediate space between the chaotic, polluted outside world, and the pure interiors. Thus, a toran or a door hanging is considered to be an auspicious and inseparable part of the Indian Culture. The green leaves which were earlier used in door hangings are believed to absorb the impure air and release oxygen, thus reducing the pollution in the living surroundings. Furthermore, the green color of mango leaves is very pleasing and is said to have a calming effect in the living space. This also has an effect in relieving stress at home. These decorative items shower abundance of love, health, prosperity and happiness, and are considered as lucky. Unfortunately, due to the drive of modernization, it had lost its importance. However, modern trends and designs have resulted in torans’ increased demand in the market now.

Different types of torans found in India are made with:

  • Mango leaves and marigold flowers.
  • Different colored flowers, but maintaining a color palette of yellow, orange, and red.
  • Fabrics along with embroidery or block printing.
  • Sandstone
  • Fabric along with ‘sheesha’ or mirror work.
  • Metal to resemble the shape of mango leaves.

While each space in the house has its unique identity, it is not right to leave the front door plain or boring. Many people give utmost importance to their interior decors, but forget to give importance to adorn their doors of their houses.

They ignore the fact that it is the door that gives the first impression of your house to the visitors. For those who are looking for trendy, attractive door hangings, the wide variety available in the market which includes materials like bells, mirrors, beads, shells, sequins, laces, gotta patti and metallic color threads. The modern door hangings online India come with creative work and ethnic look follow Elephant style door hangings, peacock style door hangings, and designer door hangings.

For a more ethnic look, it is recommended to go for traditional style or peacock style door hangings, while designer door hangings render more of a contemporary feel to the décor. These door hangings are enthralling in looks and are the best options available to adorn your house and office doors. These handicrafts work by diligent designers have vibrant colors, elegant finish, and ethnic appearance which are indeed treat to one’s eyes. One can always choose to customize these as per requirements.

These are also available in different shapes, designs, sizes, and colors. These amazing door hangings are probably one of the best options to gift on housewarming, anniversaries, festivals or any other special occasions. Door hangings online can be extensively found across various platforms with a variety of options available to choose from. These definitely help in leveling up the interior décor game.